Design Considerations for a New Garage Door

There are several components of a modern home that play major roles in both functional aspects and aesthetics, and a great example here is the garage door. Garage doors play multiple important practical roles in any home or building, from protecting vehicles to providing a major element of home security; at the same time, their function in elements like curb appeal and property value cannot be ignored.

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we’re happy to offer a wide range of commercial and residential garage doors and installation services that meet both these needs. Both function and aesthetics are top priorities for us when we install any new garage door, and we’ll go over both areas with you in detail while planning your installation. Within the aesthetics realm, what are a few of the top themes you should be considering to not only get a garage door you enjoy looking at, but also one that contributes to positive curb appeal? Here’s a primer.

design new garage door

Color Themes

First and foremost, modern garage door technology means that when it comes to color, your options are virtually limitless. While there are certain colors we definitely wouldn’t recommend – a dark-black garage door will only draw in heat and limit your HVAC efficiency, for instance – you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

For some, this involves matching other design elements of the home, such as roof shingle color, window designs or even the entry door. In other cases, you may prefer to use the garage door as a contrast to other colors you already have in-place. Speak to our team about any color variety or design you’re considering for your door.

Decorative Hardware

Here are some of the hardware options at your disposal which, while also used for practical themes, should be considered within the design realm as well:

  • Handles: Even automatic garage doors have handles for manual opening in case of power outage or breakdown, but there are many decorative handles that will also look great.
  • Hinges: Looking to add a rustic component to your door? Long, decorative hinges are a common option.
  • Plates: You can also add step plates to the bottom of the door, a feature that’s especially valuable if you have windows at the top that unbalance it.

Glass Panels

Speaking of windows, there are a few glass options when it comes to designing your garage door. For those who desire privacy, improved lighting or other features, there are a wide range of window options available: Standard clear glass, for one, but also others like obscure glass, frosted glass, tinted glass and even mirrored glass.

For more on the design elements possible for your new garage door, or to learn about any of our garage door installation services, speak to the staff at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.