Front Door Repair

When you buy a new front entry door, you want it to last. Entry doors are an investment in your home, and they get one of the highest ROIs among home improvements. When you have an issue with your entry door, it’s best to get it taken care of right away, before it gets worse. Depend on Price’s Garage & Entry Doors for efficient, lasting entry door repair in Salt Lake City. 

Entry Door Maintenance

Thankfully, most modern entry doors do not require much maintenance. However, if you pay attention to your front entry door’s look and function, you will likely be able to go longer without needing repairs, or at the very least you will notice sooner when you need entry door repairs. 

Wood entry doors require the most upkeep, since wood is a natural material that is prone to warping, splintering, rotting and bug infestation. If you have a wood entry door, ask the installers about the manufacturer’s recommendations for how often it needs to be resealed. Keeping up with sealing the wood will keep moisture out for longer and it will keep your entry door looking nicer too. 

If you notice a lot of ants or other bugs around your entry door or see sawdust-like piles on the ground or floor nearby, you may have insects living in your door — call an exterminator right away. If the problem is too far advanced, you may need a new entry door. 

Fiberglass entry doors can be made to look just like wood, and they require the least amount of upkeep. Simply wipe them from time to time with a damp cloth and they should be fine. 

Steel entry doors are strong and durable, but they are prone to dings and scratches. Dents and dings are unsightly but can often be corrected with a dent remover tool. When they can’t, you’ll want to call a professional for entry door repair — we can patch the dent so you will never know it was there. 

You’ll want to attend to scratches in a steel door right away, otherwise rust could set in. If it’s a tiny scratch, you may try repairing it with a product from a hardware or big box store. However, if it’s a bigger, deeper scratch or rust has already set in, it’s best to go with professional entry door repair. 


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Other Common Entry Door Repairs

Sometimes the issue is not with your entry door, but the frame. Door frames are prone to rot, especially if you have issues with your rain gutters. Call Price’s Garage & Entry Doors if your doorframe is rotted — we can replace it quickly. 

When your entry door becomes difficult to close, it’s usually because it is out of balance. This may be due to a rotted door frame, loose screws in the hinges or another reason. Call Price’s for entry door repair. 

If you’re noticing cold or hot air coming into your home from around you entry door, you may need fresh caulking, new weatherstripping or a new door sweep. These are not prohibitively difficult jobs, but having professionals handle them they will be done better and last longer. 

For entry door repair, replacement and installation in Salt Lake City, call Price’s Garage & Entry Doors.