Front Entry Doors with Glass Are Top Sellers

Many Salt Lake City homeowners choose new front entry doors with glass. Whether the door is wood, steel or fiberglass, glass is often a feature. Are you considering getting a new, modern entry door with glass? You will have a hard time narrowing down your choices when you see how many amazing options Price’s Garage & Entry Doors offers. 

Glass Adds Beauty to Entry Doors

Your front entry door must be functional — that’s the top priority. It must fit well and operate easily, and it must offer your home protection. But once those boxes are checked, you will want to consider style for your entry door. 

Whether you’re considering a front entry door with a full glass panel, half or another fraction of your door’s area, you have choices. Your first consideration should be whether you want clear or frosted glass. Clear glass allows more light into your home, and it offers occupants unfettered views, which can be important in Salt Lake City. Some homeowners prefer frosted glass, however, as it affords them more privacy while still allowing light into the home. 

Some design options for your glass include adding etching, colored glass and grilles or grids between panels of glass. The design you choose can have a big impact on your home’s look. For instance, grand entry doors with wrought-iron grill inserts between glass panels look stately. 

A lightweight fiberglass entry door filled with glass panels is perfect on a contemporary home. A front entry door with intricate patterns in the glass looks elegant, and when you have double entry doors, you get twice the impact. 

Glass Is Secure

Many people erroneously believe that adding glass to their front entry door reduces the level of security it provides. While glass is definitely not as strong as solid steel, the glass in modern entry doors still provides more than adequate protection from burglars. 

That’s because the glass is tempered and glazed, which makes it much harder to break. The time and tools it would take to penetrate the glass on front entry door in Salt Lake City would make a break-in impractical. 

However, if you have concerns, know that some of our entry doors come equipped with special deadbolts, and we can also add other security features to your front entry door to provide extra protection from burglars. 

Glass Sidelights & Transoms

If you have your heart set on a slab entry door — whether it be wood, steel or fiberglass — you don’t have to forego light in your entryway. You can get sidelights and/or a transom. These features add great style to a home, as well as allow natural light in. 

You get the same choices with sidelights and transoms as you do with front entry doors — clear or frosted glass, patterns, inserts, etc. 

To learn more about how you can incorporate glass into your Salt Lake City home’s new front entry door, call Price’s Garage & Entry Doors today. We sell both residential and commercial entry doors, and we provide entry door installation, repair and replacement.