Choose Steel Entry Doors for Strength & Security

Steel entry doors are some of the most popular doors here in Salt Lake City, and they offer homeowners and businessowners many benefits. At Price’s Garage & Entry Doors, we stock many residential and commercial steel front entry doors as well as sliding glass doors. 

Steel Entry Doors Are Secure

What makes steel entry doors such a favorite among homeowners is the security they provide. Constructed of iron and carbon, steel entry doors offer incredible strength. Many business owners choose a commercial steel slab door because it’s almost impossible for burglars to break in. 

Steel entry doors offer the same durability to Salt Lake City homeowners, but our residential customers usually choose a more aesthetically pleasing door that incorporates glass into the design. The glass does not compromise security, however, because the glass we use in the construction of our steel entry doors is tempered, which means it is extremely difficult to break. 

Additionally, if you opt for sidelights or a transom with your steel entry door, we use the same secure glass in these applications. Some of our front entry doors come with deadbolts and other mechanisms to help increase security. 

Steel Doors Are Strong and Durable

A steel entry door is heavy, and as such provides a home or business superior protection from the elements. We not only sell doors, but we also provide entry door installation, so you can be sure there are no gaps around your door to let in cold air (or hot air), rainwater, snow or even insects. 

Steel entry doors are also the most fire-resistant, offering three-hour protection. Compare this to wood entry doors that provide 20 minutes of protection. Some wood and fiberglass entry doors offer more than 20 minutes of protection if they are coated in a fire-resistant material, or if they have a metal or MDF core. 

Steel Entry Doors Boost Home Values

One of the highest ROIs you can get with home improvements is a new front entry door. Wood entry doors are prized for their beauty, but steel is valued for its strength and durability. Especially if you choose an attractive model with patterned glass, you can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. If you ever decide to sell your Salt Lake City home, you can set a higher asking price when you have a steel entry door. 

Likewise, if you get steel and glass sliding doors for your back patio or basement level, these add value to your home as well, even if you can’t see them from the curb. In fact, it’s especially because they are out of sight that they are so valuable, because sliding glass doors are a frequent entry point for burglars. But when you get steel sliding glass doors from Price’s Garage & Entry Doors, security will not be an issue. 

To find out more about our residential and commercial steel entry doors and sliding glass doors, contact Salt Lake City’s top entry door suppliers today.