Tips for Selecting the Perfect Entry Door

For many homes and homeowners, your entryway is more than just a door - it's a gateway to your entire home, both from an aesthetic and functional standpoint. Selecting the ideal entry door for this setup is a key part of designing your dream entryway, and there are several elements to be thinking about as you go about this process. 

At Price's Guaranteed Doors, we're proud to serve as your one-stop shop for all things entry doors, garage doors, Pella windows and more around Boise, Meridian, Nampa and nearby parts of Idaho. We offer entry door installation for any kind of entry door you're interested in, from traditional and modern exterior doors to security doors, double entry doors and more. Here are both some functional and aesthetic considerations to keep in mind when choosing the perfect entry door for your dream entryway. 

choosing entry door sidelights

Material Options

In today's modern world, you have a fantastic variety of materials to choose from when it comes to entry doors. Some popular options include:

  • Wood: A classic choice with a timeless appeal, wood doors can be customized in terms of color and style to fit any entryway.
  • Fiberglass: This material is known for its durability and low maintenance needs, making it ideal for high traffic areas such as the front of your home.
  • Steel: Another durable option, steel doors offer excellent security and can also be customized in terms of style and color.

Each of these materials comes with its own unique benefits, so consider what matters most to you when making your decision. 

Security Features

One of the primary functions of an entry door is to provide security for your home and family. When selecting an entry door, be sure to inquire about various security features such as:

  • Deadbolts: These are additional locks that can make it much more difficult for intruders to break in through your entry door.
  • Reinforced frames: The frame of the door should be strong enough to withstand force, such as a kick or an attempted forced entry.
  • Peepholes: These small holes allow homeowners to see who is at their front door before opening it.


When it comes to aesthetics, one of the most important elements to consider is the color of your entry door. This will largely depend on the overall style and color scheme of your home, but you may also want to think about how certain colors can make a statement or complement your landscaping. For example, bold red doors can add a pop of color and personality, while dark blue doors can give off a more elegant and classic vibe.

Some homeowners choose to complement other existing features of their home, such as shutters or a garage door, with the color of their entry door. Others prefer to make their entry door the focal point of their exterior by choosing a bold and eye-catching color.

Insulation and Efficiency

Another vital factor to consider when choosing an entry door is its insulation and energy efficiency. This will not only affect your comfort levels inside the home, but also your utility bills.

Many doors come with options for added insulation, such as foam cores or weatherstripping. You may also want to look into Energy Star certified doors, which have been tested and proven to be more energy efficient.

Other Hardware

While we already went over security features, there are other types of hardware that can add both function and style to your entry door. These include:

  • Handles and knobs: Choose from a variety of styles, finishes, and designs to complement the overall look of your entryway.
  • Doorbells: Consider upgrading to a modern smart doorbell for added convenience and security.
  • Kickplates: These metal plates can protect your door from scuffs and scratches, while also adding a touch of style.
  • Mail slots: If you don't have a mailbox near your front door, consider installing a mail slot for added convenience.

Surrounding Lights or Other Items

While the entry door itself is the main focus, surrounding elements such as lighting fixtures or potted plants can also contribute to the overall look and feel of your entryway. Adding a light fixture on either side of the door or hanging a wreath or seasonal decor can make your entryway even more inviting.

In addition, you may want to consider adding a doormat or outdoor rug to not only enhance the aesthetic of your entryway, but also keep dirt and debris from being tracked inside.

As you can see, there are many important factors to consider when choosing an entry door for your dream entryway. From materials and security features to color and surrounding elements, take your time to carefully select the perfect option that not only looks great, but also functions well for your home and family. 

At Price's Guaranteed Doors, our team of experts is always happy to offer advice and assistance in finding the perfect entry door for your specific needs. Contact us today to get started with any entry door, garage door, Pella window or related project around Boise, Meridian, Nampa or nearby parts of Idaho!