Rustic Style Entry Doors In Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is a busy, world-class city, but residents of this area still identify heavily with Western U.S. culture, and as such enjoy a rustic, natural décor. So we here at Price’s Garage & Entry Doors stock dozens of wood entry doors, many that conform to a rustic style. 

The roots of rustic style go back to the days before engineered wood and fiberglass, to a time when only natural materials were available. That’s why a rustic style sometimes also has a throwback feel — iron hardware, simple square windows, stain rather than paint that allows the beauty of the wood grain to show through. 

Types of Rustic Wood Entry Doors

Many rustic wood entry doors are stained a dark color, while others are medium to light colors. The color you choose for your front entry door will depend on the color and style of your home’s façade. From the lightest blonde to a reddish cinnamon to deep mahogany, your traditional-style entry door will bring your home the rustic curb appeal you’re looking for. 

Imagine a set of double entry doors with arched tops, reminiscent of an English country cottage. Add stately hardware and an eye-catching door surround for an upscale rustic look. Some of our rustic entry doors have inlays or onlays — some simple and others bordering on ornate — that bring more visual interest to your door. 

Whether it’s a single door or a pair of double entry doors, you’ll want to allow the wood grain’s natural beauty to come through to achieve the look you want. 

wooden front door

Incorporating Glass in Your Rustic Entry Door

Many homeowners select front entry doors with glass because they allow more natural light into the home. Glass can bring not only more light into your home, but also more beauty to your home’s façade. 

Glass in entry doors with a rustic style can take many forms. It can be simple square or oblong panes in frosted or unfrosted patterns. Frosted glass is usually a function of privacy, but at other times, the frosting can be applied strategically in an elegant pattern. Other options include rain glass or colored glass. 

Even if you choose a solid wood entry door without glass panels, remember that you can incorporate light into your design with the use of sidelights or a transom. As with glass in an entry door, your sidelight glass can also be frosted if you prefer, or even incorporate a pattern on or between the panes of glass. 

If you need help selecting a front entry door or you have questions about the doors we sell, feel free to contact us. As top Salt Lake City entry door suppliers, we can help you find the right door for you, and we can even assist you with creating a custom entry door.