Wood Entry Doors Make Every Salt Lake City Home Beautiful

Wood entry doors are the most popular material for front doors, and it’s easy to see why. The natural beauty of real wood is unmistakable, and a wood entry door makes you happy every time you walk through it. At Price’s Garage & Entry Doors, we stock dozens of residential and commercial wood entry doors, because we want our customers to have a wide selection. 

Wood Entry Doors Are Attractive

A wood entry door makes homes look homier. Because wood is natural, it brings a pure, organic feel to your home, more so than steel does. Fiberglass entry doors can do an amazing imitation of a real wood door and cost up to half as much, but in the end, they aren’t wood. They don’t feel like wood or smell like wood, and up close, you’ll know your door isn’t wood. 

Raised or recessed panels on a wood entry door add depth and interest. Imagine a strong, heavy, wood entry door with a wrought-iron knocker and handle, or a modern-style wood door painted a bright color. 

Many of our residential entry door customers in Salt Lake City prefer a wood door with glass. Glass allows more light into your home, and you can opt for frosted glass if privacy is a concern. Glass also allows you the freedom to show off your style. We have glass with intricate designs, colored glass and doors with grids or grills between the panes. 

wooden front door
exterior view of wooden door

Wood Entry Doors Boost Home Values

Since wood entry doors are the most sought-after type of door in Salt Lake City and across the U.S., you know that having a wood door can only help if you decide to sell your home one day. A new front entry door boasts some of the highest ROIs among any home improvement, and wood is the best of the best. 

Your wood entry door can greatly increase your home’s curb appeal, helping to improve the look of the entire block. Other nearby homeowners may be impressed enough to follow suit and get their own wood entry doors. 

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Protect Your Wood Entry Door

With the beauty of natural wood comes some vulnerability, however, mainly to the elements. Although your wood entry door will come treated to withstand the hot sun and driving rain, you can help your wood door last even longer by adding a storm door, especially if your front entry has no portico or other covering. 

An aluminum storm door can prevent your wood entry door from coming into contact with rain, snow and moisture by providing a durable, tightly sealed barrier. And don’t worry that your storm door will occlude the beauty of your modern entry door — most of our storm doors are simple sheets of glass in an aluminum frame, designed to do their job of protecting your wood entry door as unobtrusively as possible. 

Do you have questions about wood entry doors for your Salt Lake City home? Don’t hesitate to contact us — the area’s top entry door suppliers — today.