Material Options When Selecting a New Garage Door

There are several important parts of the process when choosing a new garage door for any home or commercial building, and one that's at or near the top of every list is choosing garage door material. There are several different quality materials that you might consider for your new garage door today, from traditional products you're likely familiar with to a couple modern options you might not even be aware of.

At Price's Guaranteed Doors, we're proud to offer a wide range of both commercial and residential garage door installation services, with a huge selection of door options spanning all of the most popular garage door materials used today. What are some of the most common garage door material options you have to choose from? Here's a basic rundown.

material options new garage door

Steel Garage Doors

Likely the single most common choice among new garage owners today is a steel garage door. Steel is a strong, durable material that's long been a staple for garages in particular, and it offers several benefits above and beyond most other materials used to construct garage doors.

For one, steel is a low-maintenance option that doesn't require painting or other types of upkeep to keep it looking its best, which is perfect for homeowners looking to buy garage doors they don't have to worry about very much. Steel garage doors are also extremely durable and resistant to just about anything thrown at them, including rust, rot, tears, dents, break-ins and more.

In addition, your style options with steel garage doors are nearly unlimited, with designs and layouts available in just about every style imaginable. Whether you're looking for a bold statement door or something more simple and traditional, steel is one of the best options on the market today.

Finally, steel doors offer ideal customization capabilities, the most prominent of which is the ability to add insulation to your steel garage door to improve its thermal efficiency. Steel is an excellent insulator that will help save energy costs for homeowners looking to upgrade their doors, and it can even be paired with other materials for added insulation benefits.

Wood Garage Doors

For those who are more old-fashioned or simply prefer the classic look of wood garage doors, it's an option that's always available to you, and there are several benefits behind choosing wood over steel or other materials. It's important to realize that just because it's made of wood doesn't mean your new door must be rustic or traditional - in fact, much like steel doors, there are numerous style options available in today's market for homeowners looking for a specific vibe with their garage door.

Wood will always be a more traditional material, however, and it offers several benefits you can't find in other materials. For one, wood has been the most popular type of door material by far since it was introduced many years ago, and there's no sign that the trend is going away anytime soon. Wood is also a great insulator and will help you save money on energy costs if that's what you're looking for in a garage door.

Finally, wood doors are simple to customize, with many homeowners opting to add design elements like shutters or other details to really make their door stand out from the crowd. If you're looking for an elegant, sophisticated door to give your garage a traditional feel, wood is the best material choice for you.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Another very common material option for today's garage doors is aluminum - it offers homeowners the benefits of steel with the light weight and low maintenance of wood. Aluminum has become increasingly popular since its first introduction onto the garage door market, and for good reason.

For one, it's extremely lightweight, making aluminum garage doors easy to maneuver on your own without needing heavy machinery or professional help. Aluminum is also very durable, with little chance of rust or rot associated with other materials that are more common in garages. It doesn't dent easily either - you'll have a hard time ruining your door from most accidents, so if you have children or pets that tend to run around in the garage, this is a great choice.

Finally, there are many styles and designs available for homeowners looking for an aluminum garage door today. Because they're not as popular as steel or wood doors, homeowners have more paint color and style options when choosing aluminum, with the most popular look for homes today being a design that's more modern and industrial in appearance.

Vinyl Garage Doors

For those who have dealt with rust or other corrosion in the garage and want to avoid it at all costs, vinyl is the best option on the market - it's resistant to rust and moisture, which makes it a very durable door material for garages exposed to frequently changing climates.

Vinyl garage doors are extremely lightweight, making them easy to maneuver without any help or special tools required. Although there are several different styles available in wood or steel, vinyl garage doors are always available in the traditional white color.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Finally, fiberglass garage doors are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners who want a more unique look or are looking to truly customize their garage door's appearance. Fiberglass is extremely lightweight yet durable enough to stand up against even severe weather conditions, making it an ideal material for homeowners looking to build a garage door with unique design elements.

There are several different styles available in fiberglass, with many homeowners opting to have their doors custom made so they can truly adjust the appearance of their garage door. Although there are some limitations on color and style, homeowners can expect most fiberglass doors to be available in a white color with different designs when compared to other materials.

For more on the different garage door materials you have available to you when choosing a new door, or to learn about any of our garage door installation or maintenance services, speak to the pros at Price's Guaranteed Doors today.