Custom Exterior Doors

Price’s Garage & Entry Doors sells hundreds of beautiful front entry doors to customers throughout the Salt Lake City area. Some have seen doors in their neighborhood or elsewhere in the city that they love and wonder if we have a similar entry door for them. But others want to be unique — they want a front entry door like no one else in Salt Lake City has. And for them, we offer custom entry doors. 

Whether you’re a fan of having a one-of-a-kind entry door, or you have a specific modern entry door in mind that does not closely match any of the doors we have in stock, you can use our custom entry door design tool to create your own door. 

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How to Design a Custom Entry Door

You can start with one of the doors we offer, or you can upload a photo of your own door. From there, we will ask you what size your entry door is (80 by 36 is standard). Next, you choose your configuration — single door, double doors, one or more sidelights, transom, etc. After that, choose the color of your entry door, then the shape of the glass. We offer more than a dozen shapes for door glass. 

For style of glass, you can get clear, textured or one of almost a dozen other styles, including glass with grilles or blinds inside. The glass design is arguably the most exciting part of a custom entry door. You can choose from among many truly beautiful designs that are sure to make your home a standout in the neighborhood. 

Choices for Custom Entry Doors

While many customers enjoy designing their custom entry doors, we want you to know that you do not need to design and purchase a whole new entry door if you only want to replace the glass. That’s one reason we offer the “upload a photo” feature — so you can see how your front entry door would look with new glass. 

Even if your front entry door does not currently have glass, you can choose custom glass and we will install it in the entry door you have now. 

Best Place for Custom Entry Doors

At Price’s Garage & Entry Doors, Salt Lake City’s top entry door suppliers, we aim to please, and that is why we give our clients so many options. You may feel that your door is a little stuffy and old-fashioned and want a new, modern entry door. If you have double entry doors that you think look ho-hum, transform them into grand entry doors with custom designed glass and sidelights. 

Try out our custom entry door tool online today, and call us with any questions you might have about entry door replacement or updates.