Exterior Double Door Installation

Whether your front entry doors are double doors, or you are looking at new sliding glass doors for the back of your Salt Lake City home or basement level, rely on Price’s Garage & Entry Doors to do the job. We have almost 40 years of experience with front entry door sales and installation in the greater Salt Lake City area. 

Double Entry Doors — Twice the Beauty!

Most homes in Salt Lake City and throughout the U.S. have a single standard front entry door, making these doors easier to install. One exception would be entry doors and doorways intended for an occupant who is a wheelchair user. 

There are several reasons that some homes have double entry doors. One is that many homes with double entry doors are on the larger side. In other instances, the grand entry doors open directly into a room, like a family room, so a separate entryway is not needed. 

Door Repair and Replacement Services

Entry Door Installation for Double Doors

Entry door installation is an acquired skill, and double doors are twice as difficult as single doors. If you are converting your home’s entry from a single door to a double door, some demolition and framing work must be done first. If you are updating your double entry doors, the work will take less time, but be no more exacting. 

The tricky part of entry door installation is ensuring that the door is even and level so that it opens and closes smoothly. This is a notoriously difficult job that many do not want to attempt, even though many entry doors come “pre-hung” (already in their frames) today. When you add two doors into the mix, it increases the challenge. 

That’s because entry door installers must ensure not only that the double entry doors sit evenly in their frames, but also that they meet perfectly in the middle. There must be no gap between the doors, and they must meet in exactly the same place at the top and the bottom, or they will look crooked, and air will leak into or out of the home. 

Sliding Glass Doors for Patios

Many of our Salt Lake City-area customers come to us for installation of patio doors. These are often sliding glass doors, but they are sometimes French doors, either with or without grids. French doors present the same challenge to installers as front entry double doors, but sliding glass doors have a simpler construction. 

Whatever type of double entry doors you are considering for your Salt Lake City home or business — front entry, French, sliding glass — depend on Price’s Garage & Entry Doors for installation.