Farmhouse Exterior Doors

No matter where you are in Utah, you’re not too far from a farm. A country style is woven into the fabric of our beings, and for this reason, many Salt Lake City homeowners choose a farmhouse style front entry door. These wood entry doors help convey a homey feeling, full of warmth and natural beauty. 

What Is Farmhouse/Country Style?

Farmhouses tend to be large and adorned with roomy front porches, and there is no shortage of this style home in Salt Lake City. If you are lucky enough to own one — or you’re about to purchase one — you’ll want to make sure the front entry door contributes to your home’s style rather than detracts from it. 

Farmhouse style doors are usually wood — or fiberglass constructed to look like wood. You may have a single door or a pair of double entry doors, depending on your home’s front entryway. The size of a farmhouse usually dictates that a front entry door be heavy and substantial to match the home’s tone. Some inlay or onlay is expected, but country-style entry doors are usually not lavish or ornate. 

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Farmhouse Style Wood Entry Doors

At Price’s Garage & Entry Doors, we stock dozens of wood entry doors in many colors, styles and designs. Many of our customers who shop for wood doors love those that show off their natural beauty — the wood’s grain, knots and texture. This can promote a true farmhouse look, since the oldest farmhouses made use of the materials they had available to them. 

Many of our single and double entry doors are handsome slabs of some of the finest wood available. Stains can be light, medium or dark. 

Country Wood Doors with Windows

Homeowners love a front entry door with windows, and these doors are perfectly in keeping with a farmhouse style. 

You may opt for a wood entry door with a row of little windows at the top, or a single square window above the midline. Other options include six, nine or more panes of glass, letting in the maximum amount of light. 

If you’re concerned with windows being a security risk, know that the glass in our wood entry doors is tempered and double-glazed, making it almost as strong as the wood it sits in. Additionally, you may add security features such as double cylinder deadbolts. 

Regardless of whether you choose a country wood entry door with windows or a solid wood slab, you may want to add sidelights or a transom to your door’s design. Sidelights provide even more light for your interior, and they give you a chance to kick your country style up a notch. If your home has the space, a transom is a great way to add natural light as well. 

For more information, contact Price’s Garage & Entry Doors today. We’re Salt Lake City’s top choice for entry door suppliers, stocking both residential and commercial entry doors.