Industrial Entry Doors In Salt Lake City, Utah

If you love industrial style, you may be a no-nonsense kind of person. Industrial styles incorporate clean lines, eschewing fussiness and ornate details. You will love our selection of front entry doors that give your Salt Lake City home a contemporary, industrial look. 

What Is Industrial Style?

Industrial style was developed by using items from old factories, such as windows, furniture and machinery, or by constructing items to mimic this look. If you live in a Salt Lake City home with an industrial exterior, it likely features brick, stone, stucco or planks — it’s all about straight lines, right angles and strength. You will want an entry door that fits in with this style. 

Since many front entry doors are made of steel and wood, or a combination of the two, it’s easy to finish them in a way that is consistent with industrial décor. 

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Industrial Style Entry Doors

Price’s Garage & Entry Doors has a wide selection of contemporary, industrial-style entry doors in many finishes and price points. 

Industrial style front entry doors do not have to be gun metal gray, but many homeowners choose this color. The door may be steel, fiberglass or even wood, but the smooth, dark finish exudes an industrial feel. 

Imagine a front entry door with three inlaid panels, one with glass. It’s the perfect minimalist look, and it also allows light into your home. For more privacy, choose frosted glass. You can kick this look up a notch with matching double entry doors with rows of big, frosted glass panels and a pair of brushed nickel door handles. 

Conversely, you may prefer an entry door with one or more vertical glass panels for an uber-modern industrial look. You can get an entry door with framed glass panels in varying sizes that create an eye-catching geometric mosaic, or glass blocks with patterns. Or keep it strikingly simple with a flat slab and a single window. If you’re looking for an industrial door with visual interest, you can get a pair of double entry doors that incorporates dozens of tiny little box-shaped windows. 

Adding Light to Your Entryway

Many of our customers prefer entry doors with windows because of the opportunity they provide to allow natural light into the home. If you choose an entry door without windows — or even if you don’t — you may want to add sidelights or a transom to surround your door. 

Sidelights are tall, narrow panels on the either side of your entry door that help to brighten up your interior. Transoms are larger windows situated on top of the door. 

Features like these are helpful for Salt Lake City homeowners who choose solid entry doors, because not only is your home lighter, but the sidelights allow you to see if you have a package or who is at your door. You can opt to get these windows frosted if you like, so no one can look into your home from the outside.