Vintage Entry Doors

Vintage Entry Doors Elevate Your SLC Home’s Look

Are you a fan of vintage style? Vintage entry doors can be fun and sophisticated at the same time, giving your Salt Lake City home the classic, retro look you want. Price’s Garage & Entry Doors — the area’s top entry door suppliers — has a wide selection of traditional vintage front entry doors to fit your taste and style. 

Oftentimes a vintage entry door can be authentically vintage, salvaged from a tear-down of an old home. By contrast, Price’s Garage & Entry Doors look vintage, but they are brand new. And that means they look fabulous and will last for decades with proper care. 

What Does a Vintage Front Entry Door Look Like?

Vintage entry doors are usually wood, but they don’t have to be. Steel entry doors have been around for more than 100 years. Most vintage steel entry doors are a bit rusty, covered with dents and are reminiscent of dungeons, so that’s why we don’t stock vintage steel entry doors at Price’s Garage & Entry Doors. 

Vintage is a synonym for old, and as such, it implies a quality that has lasted through the years. We sell dozens of wood entry doors in a variety of colors, styles and at different price points to meet the needs for our Salt Lake City-area customers. 

A wood entry door with pronounced grain and knots has a natural look to it that suggests both durability and longevity. Choose a light stain for maximum emphasis on the grain. 

Our heavy, darker-stained grand entry doors have a strong vintage appeal — whether a single door or double entry doors — their heaviness conveying strength and permanence. Some of our customers prefer our slab wood entry doors for their simplicity and brawn, but many others want a vintage-looking door with glass. 

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For questions about vintage wood entry doors, contact Price’s Garage & Entry Doors today. 

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Vintage Entry Doors with Glass

Glass in your wood entry door breaks up the monotony and also allows natural light into your home. Vintage-style front entry doors may feature glass with iron frames or iron-look designs pressed between the panes of glass. Alternatively, they may be simple square or oblong panes. 

Whether you choose a vintage wood entry door with windows or without, you may want to add sidelights or a transom to your design. Both of these features allow even more light to enter your home, and you can opt for frosted glass on any of them to protect your privacy. 

If you want your home to project a vintage style, shop for wood entry doors at Price’s Garage & Entry Doors. We have a wide selection, but we also offer a feature that allows you to create your own custom entry door. We can even help you do it, offering suggestions and design ideas.