Entry Door Installation

At Price’s Garage & Entry Doors, we not only sell hundreds of styles of beautiful front entry doors, but we also provide entry door installation throughout the Salt Lake City area. It’s important to work with a company you trust on this important job at your home or business, and our company has nearly 40 years of experience selling and installing front entry doors. 

Critical Aspects of Entry Door Installation

Although we do entry door installations at new builds, the majority of our jobs are for Salt Lake City homeowners and businessowners who are replacing their front entry door. 

Especially with older homes, a door frame may be slightly out of alignment. It’s important to check this before beginning entry door installation. If the home has shifted at all, the issue should be corrected before installation to help ensure the door will fit properly. 

If you are replacing your entry door with a different size door, or if you are adding a new doorframe, sidelights or a transom, we will have to account for that before we begin as well. 

Most front entry doors today come “pre-hung,” or already installed in their frames. This makes the job easier — hanging a door can be maddening for those who do not have the skills to get the job done right the first time. Much time can end up being wasted when the door doesn’t close or hangs crookedly. Lining up deadbolts and their corresponding holes can also be a challenge for the inexperienced. 

Important Considerations for Entry Door Installation

After entry door installation, it is important to be sure the edges and top of the door are adequately protected against moisture infiltration. Moisture barriers and caulking must be applied properly, or rain or melting snow could seep into the cracks around the door. 

If you have a wood entry door, a breach in the moisture barrier will destroy it. But even if your entry door is steel or fiberglass, water infiltration can cause mold, mildew and rot in your doorframe or walls. 

That’s why we always recommend professional front entry door installation, even if you are an avid DIYer. Not only is it better and safer, but trying to install a door on your own or using your favorite handyman could void the warranty on your entry door. 

Rely on the professionals — Price’s Garage & Entry Doors — for the best in front entry door installation in Salt Lake City.