Opener Types for New Utah Garage Doors

There are a few important components to keep in mind if you’re considering a new garage door for your home or building, and one of these is the opener type you’ll be going with. The average residential garage door will be opened and closed well over a thousand times per year, and the opener that drives this process is important – and there are a few different formats out there for how openers work.

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we’re here to offer not only a wide selection of new garage doors and door installation for both residential and commercial settings throughout Utah, but also garage door opener services to ensure you’re always working with a quality, operational opener. When it comes to choosing your opener type, all your options will run using a motor on a trolley – but how that trolley moves is where the different types come into play. Here’s a primer on the different move types, known as “drive” types, for garage door openers.

opener types garage doors

Chain Drive

For those who are looking for the most affordable type of garage door opener, the chain drive is usually a top option. This style refers to one where a metal chain drives the trolley that raises and lowers the door, one that’s often found in detached garages.

Why is this? Well, because chain drives tend to be the noisiest options. The metal chain makes a significant amount of noise while it operates, and this type might not be advisable for homes where bedrooms sit above the garage area. However, for situations where this isn’t the case, this is a functional and durable opener format.

Screw Drive

For this opener type, a threaded steel rod is used to move the trolley up and down. As the rod rotates, the door moves depending on which way the rotation goes.

The screw drive has fewer moving parts than the chain drive, meaning it requires low maintenance – and is also much quieter in operation. It’s ideal for garages that sit below bedrooms or other rooms, as it will open without major vibration and will stay quiet the entire time.

Belt Drive

The belt drive involves a rubber belt that slides the trolley when the door has to open or close, and its features and benefits are relatively similar to the screw drive. It’s quiet and low-maintenance, with limited vibration during operations.

Direct Drive

Finally, the direct drive involves the motor itself moving the trolley, and there is no belt, chain or thread involved. This makes the process simpler and as smooth as possible, plus has the lowest maintenance costs of any option. This drive type might be a bit costlier up front, but it makes up for this quickly with efficient operations.

For more on how to choose a garage door opener for your new garage door, or to learn about any of our garage door installation or other new garage door services in Utah, speak to the staff at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.