Broad Style Choices for a New Garage Door

Like several other major hardware areas on your property, your garage door serves both practical and aesthetic themes. A garage door protects a structure and its garage space from a variety of risks, but also plays a big role in themes like curb and overall visual appeal at the same time.

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we’re proud to offer a wide range of residential and commercial garage doors, including several different styles to help you match or contrast with your property’s existing aesthetic. What are a few of the broad garage door styles you’ll generally be choosing between as you look for new options? Here’s a primer.

style choices new garage door

Traditional Garage Doors

For many homes, including older or classic homes, the traditional garage door might still be the best choice. Most of these doors are built with a solid wood exterior, but can also include steel or fiberglass for more durability and longer life.

Traditional garage doors typically come in nine-foot or eight-foot styles, but some homeowners may opt to customize their door size to better fit certain spaces. Each traditional door is designed with a hinge-activated or manual garage door opener, which opens the system from up to down.

Carriage House Doors

A variation on the traditional garage door is the carriage house door, which typically has a single sash and a side-mounted handle. These doors are typically made from the same materials as the traditional door, although they might have more character or rustic appeal thanks to their unique look.

However, while they may have elements of that rustic look, they also maintain modern functionality features like automated openers and modern locking systems. This combination of traditional design with modern function makes the carriage house door an outstanding choice for many homeowners.

Contemporary Garage Doors

For those who are really into curb appeal and a sleek, modern aesthetic, the contemporary garage door is a great choice. While the traditional and carriage house doors typically come in nine-foot or eight-foot sizes, many of these doors are available in custom sizing, allowing homeowners to better fit their garage to its intended space.

Other visual elements that make the contemporary garage door so appealing include smooth exterior porcelain panels set into either a painted or powder-coated steel framework. Fancier designs might come with multiple panels, while more basic models might have a single panel per door.

While you can typically choose from two different types of openers for these doors, the automated variety is ideal when you want to make your garage as “hands-free” as possible.

For more on the different styles of garage door you have available to you if you’re looking for the ideal replacement, or to learn about any of our other garage door services, speak to the staff at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.