Preparation Tips for Utah Garage Door Installation

There are a few upgrade or renovation jobs around a given home that will take some time to prepare for, and a good example here is a new garage door installation. Even if you’re leaving the entire installation process to garage door professionals, which is generally recommended unless you have specific training in this area, there are a few themes you’ll want to consider when it comes to prepping the space and your property for such a major job.

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we’re proud to offer a variety of commercial and residential garage door installation services to clients throughout Utah. Our solutions cover the full range of areas you may need to know about, including our basic recommendations for preparing ahead of time. Here are several simple themes to ensure you’re all set when our team shows up to install your new door.

preparation garage door installation

Vehicle Relocation

First and foremost, as you naturally don’t want your vehicles to be in the way or risk being damaged during this process, you should have all your vehicles moved from the garage before our service team arrives at the site. In order to enable a smooth installation, we’ll request that our clients move their vehicle to an out of the way location not only to facilitate ease of access for us, but also as a safety precautionary measure.

Not only is this for safety and damage prevention, it’s also so our team can pull our utility van and other equipment as close to the door as possible without damaging your property. Having our work vehicles parked on your lawn or driveway would not only be unprofessional, but it could also result in damage to the exterior of your home, which is why we use a separate parking space for us once any cars are moved.

Remove Items from the Garage

Once again, safety and convenience are the main concerns here. If you have things in your garage, such as bicycles, lawn mowers, tools or other items that are not being moved outside for storage elsewhere, please remove them ahead of time so they don’t become damaged during the installation process.

Additionally, you’ll want to clear space for any smooth installation our team to cut into your openings. If you have cabinets or storage items in the garage, we recommend you move these to another space, as any damage caused during installation is not covered by our warranty.

Cleaning Garage Floors

Not only should items be moved from the garage, but you should also take the time to clean the area to remove all dirt, dust and debris. This not only makes the installation process smoother, but it also ensures your door won’t be damaged if it comes into contact with any grease or grime that may be on the surface of the floor.

This is particularly important for garage doors that will be made of wood or metal, as these materials are more susceptible to damage and should be cleaned regularly. You may also wish to consider repainting the floor if it has seen considerably worse wear and tear over the years, as this will ensure any new door installation blends seamlessly with existing garage aesthetics.

Children and Pets Far Away

If you have children or pets who live in your home, it would be best to move them somewhere else for this project, as they may interfere with our staff or become injured during the installation process. This especially applies to children who could play in harm’s way if supervised by an adult with limited understanding of these types of projects.

If children are interested in watching our team at work, this is okay — only so long as they can do so from a safe location that’s completely out of the way. Even a single instance of children interrupting the workspace is unsafe not only for them, but for our team as well.

Plan to Be Home

If at all possible, we recommend scheduling your garage door installation project to take place when you’ll be home. This will enable us to answer any questions you may have and explain our work in more detail, as well as accommodate the type of service we offer: we don’t keep appointments during off-hours, special events or holidays.

As a result, even if your garage door installation is expected to take several hours, it’s best to make yourself accessible during this time. We’ll come prepared with the tools and equipment needed for the job, but if you have any specific requests or questions related to your particular application, please let us know ahead of time so we can be better prepared in your absence.

Prepare Questions and Confirm Materials

When our team first arrives, you should be prepared with the various questions that may come up about your home, its specific garage door or details on any existing garage door installation you have in place. This will help streamline the process and ensure we don’t spend too much time working on one aspect of your job while forgetting to cover other points.

In addition, take a few minutes to confirm that your installers have come complete with all the proper garage door materials and accessories you’ve ordered. The last thing you want is to have to take time out of your schedule to reorder parts or materials you already paid for, so avoid any potential headaches by quickly confirming what our team has available.

For more on how to prepare your property for an upcoming garage door installation, or to learn about any of our garage door services in any part of Utah, speak to the staff at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.