On the Benefits of Side Mount Garage Door Openers

There are several features or fixtures you might be choosing between when it comes to installation of a new garage door in your home, and one of these is the opener type you’ll be utilizing. For those who are looking for a combination of space efficiency, low maintenance and quality operations, one common option here is the side mount garage door opener.

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we’re happy to not only offer a wide range of residential and commercial garage door installations, but also comprehensive assistance with garage door openers for all our clients. We stock a vast selection of different opener models and types, and we’ll recommend the ideal option for you based on several factors. What is a side mount garage door opener, and why might you consider it for your new garage door? Here’s a simple primer.

benefits side mount garage openers

Side Mount Garage Door Opener Basics

A side mount garage door opener, also known as a jackshaft, refers to an opener type that attaches to a track system on the side of a garage door rather than along its top. This type of opener is similar to an inside mount opener in that it runs off a belt and chain drive, which is typically quieter and smoother than other types of openers.

In addition, these units operate better with older doors that don’t have rollers at the top of the track, and they’re also beneficial in that they open up a garage door without compromising headroom.

Benefits of Side Mount Garage Door Openers

There are several specific benefits of side mount garage door openers for those who use them:

  • Saving space: Side mount garage door openers are compact and don’t take up much of the room that would otherwise be taken up by the tracks of an overhead system. This means you can utilize more of your garage space for other purposes, such as for storage or parking cars.
  • Less complicated: A side mount garage door opener is slightly less complex than an overhead option, and also easier to maintain. For example, you won’t have to lubricate it as often since it has fewer moving parts.
  • Longer lasting: Since side mount garage door openers are generally sturdier than other options, they’re built to last longer and typically have a less frequent need for repairs or replacements.
  • No ceiling obstruction: Using a side mount garage door opener can give you more headroom in your home’s garage, since the track system is not taking up any space that would otherwise be at or near the top of your garage. This may also help to ease concerns about clearance for taller vehicles like trucks and SUVs.
  • No rails needed: When you decide to use a side mount garage door opener, you won’t have to worry about placing your tracks at the top of your garage door. This keeps things cleaner and more organized.

For more on side mount garage door openers, or to learn about any of our new garage doors and installation services, speak to the staff at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.