Primer on the Value of New Garage Door Insulation

There are several factors you might be considering while looking to install a new garage door, and insulation should absolutely be one of these. Insulation plays an important role in temperature control and a few other long-term door and garage qualities, plus often impacts the price you pay for the door to begin with.

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we offer a wide range of new residential and commercial garage doors, including installation services. Insulation is a common topic we discuss with our clients as they consider a new garage door, and it’s generally recommended for almost all new garage door clients. Here are some of the most important roles insulation plays in your door.

value new garage door insulation

Garage Door Insulation and Temperature Control

Garage door insulation can be a low-cost and easy way to increase the energy efficiency of your garage. Insulation reduces heat transfer into and out of your home’s walls, thus helping maintain a more consistent indoor temperature (usually with lower energy expense).

On the flip side, a poorly-insulated garage door will allow for significant temperature loss. With more extreme temperatures, the door could warp from changes in seasons. Thermal warping leads to misalignment and other issues that will cause your garage door opener to not function properly, leaving you with a potentially dangerous — and very pricey — problem on your hands.

Noise Cancellation

Insulated doors are excellent at noise cancellation. Especially if you work from home, an insulated garage door can be a great asset when you want to make sure that your garage door opener won’t disturb your work environment. If you plan on using your garage for more than just storage, the insulation will help keep the sounds of cars and other activities outside of your house and allow you to focus on what’s happening inside.


Insulation also helps in making sure that a garage door is durable. It’s one less thing to worry about when looking for a new garage door because it helps reduce the risk of both thermal and mechanical wear over time.


Lastly, insulation also impacts the price of your new garage door. Insulated doors have additional materials that are used in the process, and hence, cost more. Even though insulation is one of our most recommended amenities, you’ll still want to make sure it coordinates with your budget as well; luckily, due to the long-term value insulation provides you, you will typically recoup any additional money you spend on it within a few short months or years, making it easy to fit within your budget.

For more on the value of insulation for any garage door, or to learn about our brand new garage door installation services for both homes and commercial buildings, speak to the staff at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.