Choose Aluminum Storm Doors for the Best Protection

Aluminum storm doors are a popular choice for Salt Lake City homeowners, and Price’s Garage & Entry Doors has more than 20 different styles and colors in stock. Aluminum is strong, durable and protects your home from the elements. Plus, it’s low-maintenance. 

Aluminum Storm Doors Protect Your Front Entry Door

Front entry doors are an investment, but they bring one of the highest ROIs of any home improvement. While all the front entry doors we sell at Price’s Garage & Entry Doors are durable and last many years, offering your entry door the protection of an aluminum storm door will help it last even longer. 

Especially if the front entry door at your Salt Lake City home has no portico, awning or gable to shelter it, you can greatly benefit from adding an aluminum storm door. A storm door will protect your front entry door from snow and windswept rain, which is especially helpful when you have a wood entry door. 

Even if your entry door is steel and impervious to rain or snow, having a storm door means you don’t have to clean your entry door as often. With a wood entry door, frequent cleaning or exposure to the elements can erode the finish more quickly — a storm door helps preserve it. 

Storm Doors Help Save Energy

Storm doors are so-called because they work to protect homes from storms. But you would not keep your entry door open during a storm, so the job your aluminum storm door is doing is helping to keep water out of your home and the warm or cool air inside. 

Thus, a tight seal and ample weatherstripping help your storm door do its job of protecting your home and conserving energy. 

Storm Doors Provide Air and Light

When you have an aluminum storm door, you can leave your entry door open while you’re home to allow more light in. This is especially helpful if your entry door is solid wood or steel. 

When the weather turns warm, you can take the glass out of your aluminum storm door and replace it with a screen to allow fresh air into your Salt Lake City home. Our storm doors lock, so you don’t have to worry about strangers in your foyer. 

You Have Choices for Storm Doors

If you are worried that a storm door will take away from the beauty of your front entry door, we can assure you that it will not. Many of our storm doors are little more than a sheet of glass framed by aluminum — practically invisible to visitors. 

However, if this type of storm door is not your cup of tea, we have other choices, including storm doors with versions with larger frames and separate panels of glass. We even allow you to customize your storm door with clear or frosted glass or other elements. 

For answers to your questions about aluminum storm doors, contact Price’s Garage & Entry Doors, Salt Lake City’s top residential and commercial entry door supplier, today.