Garage Door Opener Reset Needs and Tips

The garage door opener is a vital component that allows for the automatic raising and lowering of any garage, and there are a few situations when this device may need to be reset. Whether you've lost your remote and are re-programming the opener to a new one, your keypad isn't working for some reason or any other similar issue is taking place, knowing the basic steps for resetting your opener is important for any home or building owner.

At Price's Guaranteed Doors, we're happy to assist our clients with a wide range of new garage doors and garage door openers, including basic expertise in areas like resetting the opener. Here are some of the situations where a reset might be needed, plus some tips on how to do this for both new garage door openers and older ones.

garage door opener reset tips

Reasons for Resetting Garage Door Opener

Here are a few of the most common reasons you might have a need to reset your garage door opener:

  • Lost remote: If you've lost your garage door opener remote, you will need to reset the system. Doing this is very easy with the newer models of openers that are connected in some way to a mobile device app or your home's Wi-Fi. Older models might require you to re-connect the opener unit to its components by hand.
  • Sensor failure: If the garage door opener isn't working properly because of a sensor issue, you might be able to reset the sensors and that could fix the problem. Sometimes just unplugging the system for a little while and then plugging it back in can also be enough to solve the sensor reset issue.
  • Keypad issues: Your keypad might need to be reset if it isn't working for whatever reason. Resetting the keypad is often as simple as pushing a button, but sometimes there will be a way you can access its components and reset them from inside the motor unit instead of having to use the keypad itself.

Resetting a New Garage Door Opener

For modern garage door openers, the reset involves reprogramming a digital unit. Locate the button labeled "Home" or "Learn" on your central unit -- these will often be close to the antenna and/or the LED light used for the opener.

From here, you'll typically have to press and hold this button to delete the old codes your opener used. From here, you'll be prompted to enter new codes, and to pair the opener with specific remotes.

Resetting an Old Garage Door Opener

If your opener is older and does not have the Home or Learn button, you'll be using specific switches in the central unit -- switches that typically correspond to your remotes. There will be up to 12 switches, and you'll have to create a "setting pattern" that will match the pattern on your devices so they can communicate.

For more on why and how you should reset your garage door opener, or to learn about any of our new garage doors or related services, speak to the staff at Price's Guaranteed Doors today.